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Botanical Tour in the Gobi & Terelj Region

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Botanical Tour in the Gobi & Terelj Region

13days/ 12 nights
Jun to mid of Sep
Special tours
Southern Mongolia

This specific tour is for travelers who would like to explore and see over twenty of the rare species of plants that grows in Mongolian Gobi. Not only will you have plant watching sessions, but also spend some quality time in the top tourist attractions in South and Central Mongolia throughout the tour.

Highlights: Mongolian Flora

Mongolia’s diverse and distinctive vegetation includes an important part of Asia’s plant life. Species representative of Siberia’s coniferous taiga forest, Central Asia’s steppe and desert, and the Altai and Sayan mountains all occur here. Steppe plants from Kazakhstan grow beside Manchurian steppe flowers. More than 3000 species vascular plants, 927 lichens, 437 mosses, 875 fungi, and numerous algae have been recorded. Many other species, however, remain to be classified. Mongolia’s flora includes almost 150 endemic plants (Adonis mongolica, Betula mongolica, Stipa mongolorum, Nanophyton mongolicum, Potanino mongolica) and nearly 100 relict species (Ephedra przewalskii, Keamurea songorica, Cynomorium songoricum, Iljinia regelii, Populus diversifolia, Halimodendron Halodendron, Oxytropis grubovii, Abies Sibirica, Nymphaea candida). Over 100 plant species are listed in the Mongolian Red Book as rare or endangered.


Day 1.   Ulaanbaatar

The tour starts with arrival at Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia, and transfer to the hotel. Begin the city sightseeing tour, including the most famous spots of the Sukhbaatar square, Gandan monastery and the Chingis Khaan Museum. Stay overnight in the hotel.

Day 2.  Gobi

Get on a flight to the Golden Gobi and start the excursion to the Elsen Tasarkhai sand dune, visit a camel breeding family. Try riding a two humped Mongolian camel and stay overnight in a ger.

Day 3.  The Gobi Gurvan Saikhan Mountains

Day 3-5

Start the excursion to the Gobi Gurvan Saikhan Mountains, and visit Yol Valley (Vulture’s Gorge). Plant watching session includes species such as Allium altaicum, Juniperus sabina, Thymus gobicus, Astragolus saichanensis, Saussurea Saichanensis, Potanino mongolica, Ephedra Przewalskii, Zygophyllum Potaninii). Stay overnight in a tent in the desert.

Day 4.  The Gobi Gurvan Saikhan Mountains

The previous day's tour continues

Day 5.  The Gobi Gurvan Saikhan Mountains

The previous day's tour continues

Day 6.   Flaming Cliffs

Explore the Flaming Cliffs (dinosaur excavation site) and saxaul forest, another plant watching experience with Cynomorium songoricum, Caryopteris mongolica, Brachanthemum gobicum , Artemisia xerophytica, Haloxylon ammodendron. Sleep the night in a tent.

Day 7.  Flaming Cliffs

The previous day's tour continues

Day 8.  Free Day

Drive back to the camp and enjoy the rest of the day free. You will be accommodated to stay overnight in a ger.

Day 9.  Terelj NP

Fly back to Ulaanbaatar and drive to Terelj National Park to explore the scenic mountain areas abundant with edelweiss fields. Sleep overnight in a ger camp.

Day 10.  Terelj NP

Next two days, go trekking and plant watching in the mountain areas. The species are Rhododendron dahuricum, Lycopodium alpinum, Rhododendron parvifolium, Juniperus dahurica, Leontopodicum ochroleunim). Sleep overnight in a ger.

Day 11.  Ulaanbaatar

Drive back to Ulaanbaatar. Visit the Winter Palace Museum of Bogd Khan. Sleep overnight in the hotel.

Day 12.  Departure 

Transfer to the airport for departure


Shared double accommodation in decent middle class hotel, night stays in Mongolian gers and in tents, full board, all transfers, domestic flights, entrance fees and the services of a guide

Not included

International airfare and train tickets - Excess luggage fee for the domestic flight- Insurance - Additional activities -Personal expenses - Visa fee - Gratuities - Photo & video in the museums - Any charges of major force & hardship clause beyond our control

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