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Ugii lake


Ugii Nuur lake covers an area of 27 sq. km at 1.387 meters above sea level in Ugii Nuur soum in Arkhangai aimag. The lake fish and birds complement the scenic nature. It is a favorite destination for wildlife and ornithological researchers, fishing enthusiasts, and travelers alike. It is a day trip away from Kharkhorin.

The lake acts as the gathering ground for more than 150 endemic and migratory bird species thanks to which it was always “the go-to destination” for researchers and naturalists. In recent years, work on building special observation decks and towers has begun for wildlife observers, photographers, and others. In 1991, lake Ugii was included in Ramsar Convention for the purpose of protecting the environment where the birds hatch their eggs during summer. Here you can watch 178 varieties of 16 families of birds such as Pelecanus crispus, Ciconia nigra, Cygnus Cygnus, Cygnus bewicki, Anser indicus, Cygnopsis cygnoides, Anas formosa, Haliaeetus leucoryphus, Haliaeetus albicilla, Grus leucogeranus, and Grus vipio. The variety of fish species is impressive to including Rutilus tutilu, Lacustris leuciscus idu, Cuprinlus carpio haematropteru, Parailurus absotiu, Lota lota, Perca fluviatile, and Esox luejus.

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