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Khuvsgul Lake


Khuvsgul lake situated in the alpine region of Mongolia with its snowcapped mountains and crystal-clear waters is one of the most majestic destinations of the country. Anecdotally, we refer to it as the “Switzerland of Mongolia”. Khusvgul aimag, home to Darkhad, Khalkha, Buryad, Uriankhai, and Tsaatan nationalities boasts not only its natural endowments but the largest number of reindeer herds.  


Regular migration of the reindeer herders to their farmsteads high in the mountains is something worth seeing and experiencing. Tsaatan, reindeer herders represent another unique cluster of nomad herders with their own distinct tradition and identity who live of their land by hunting wildlife, gathering, and herding reindeers.  The highest mountain peak of Mukh Saridag is at 3,491 meters above sea level next to it is Uran Dyosh meaning Craftsman's Anvil.

The area of Khuvsgul Lake covers 2,760 sq. meters extending 136 km in length and 36.5 km in width and 245.7 maximum depth. The outflow from Khuvsgul lake drains into the Eg Gol and then into Selenge Gol reaching finally Lake Baikal in Siberia.

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