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Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to “travelers” in respect of all trips run by Tsolmon Travel LLC Mongolia.  

For the business relations between Tsolmon Travel LLC and the purchaser of services via the online sales platform at www.tsolmontravel.com as well as for all other types of services, the following general terms and conditions apply in their version at the date of the booking. By using www.tsolmontravel.com or acquiring tour-related services via tsolmon@tsolmontravel.com (or info@tsolmontravel.com), you agree to these terms and conditions. Please read the terms carefully before finalizing the prepayment and/or payment of services.

Registration & booking confirmation

When travelers have booked and paid for a trip through Tsolmon Travel's website, the contract between the traveler and Tsolmon Travel becomes valid

By Tailor made trips and changes to the services, you will receive a final confirmation by e-mail. After the customer has paid for the services, this applies equally to the conclusion of a travel contract.


If travelers want to book a trip from the website without any changes and pay online via the website, they must pay for the trip's full amount of price.

When a traveler has booked a tailor-made trip via e-mail, he will receive a booking confirmation and an invoice. A deposit is due from the customer and the amount of the deposit can be between 50-60% of the tour price, depending on the tour.

The total amount must be received by Tsolmon Travel no later than 45 days prior to arrival.

Services & Price changes

The contractual services result from the itinerary and the description of travel services and from the special services agreed upon in the booking confirmation.

Once the booking is confirmed, the price of your tour is guaranteed

Tsolmon Travel is obliged to notify the traveler of any unconditional changes and unavailability of services before booking. Additional agreements that change the contractual services can be made after the conclusion of the contract. They must be confirmed in writing by Tsolmon Travel immediately.

Tsolmon Travel can only subsequently change the agreed travel price if there are more than 6 months between the booking confirmation and the contractually planned start of the trip and the price increase is based on an increase in transport costs.

Tsolmon Travel undertakes to inform the customer immediately of any change in the travel price or any significant change in an essential travel service.

In the event of a significant price change, the customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract without compensation or to request participation in another equivalent trip from Tsolmon Travel

Travel Formalities

The traveler is responsible for compliance with passport, visa, customs, foreign exchange, and health regulations.

Cancellation by the customer, Cancellation charges

The customer can withdraw from a confirmed trip up until the commencement of the journey.

Cancellation Conditions for all Trips.

  • For cancellations up to 43 days prior to arrival, No cancellation penalty is charged
  • For cancellations received between 29 and 42 days prior to arrival 25% of the tour cost is charged.
  • For cancellations received between 15 and 28 days prior to arrival 75% of the tour cost is charged.
  • For cancellations received less than 14 days prior to arrival or no show 100% of the tour cost is charged.

Cancellation and Termination by the tour operator

The tour operator can withdraw from the travel contract prior to the commencement of the trip or terminate the travel contract after the commencement of the trip in the following cases:

Tsolmon Travel is entitled to withdraw from the contract if the customer has not paid the travel price 30 days prior to the commencement of the trip at the latest.

A minimum number of participants is required for the Join In group travel, which is noted in the tour description.  If this number is not reached, Tsolmon Travel can withdraw from the contract up to 2 weeks before the start of the trip. If this circumstance exists, Tsolmon Travel will inform the customer immediately and the tour price paid will then be refunded.

Force majeure

Tsolmon Travel can withdraw from the travel contract in the event of unforeseeable circumstances of force majeure if this would make the trip significantly more difficult, endangered or impaired. In this case, too, the traveler is entitled to withdraw from the contract.

Liability for deficiencies

If you have a complaint during your trip with us, you must report it immediately to your guide, who will endeavor to resolve it promptly. You should write a report detailing your complaint and the action taken to resolve it. If, after your trip has ended, you believe that a complaint has not been resolved, you must notify Tsolmon Travel in writing by email within 30 days of your trip. Complaints about services not directly related to Tsolmon Travel (e.g. accommodations or a local supplier) should be submitted to the relevant supplier.

Insofar as nothing to the contrary is agreed, the rights of the customer in respect of any deficiencies in the trip are governed by the applicable statutory provisions.


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