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Useful Information

How to get there


National air carriers of Mongolia are MIAT Mongolian Airlines, Hunnu Air, Aero Mongolia, and EZNIS Airways serving both international and domestic destinations. As of today, in addition to Mongolian air carriers Aeroflot, Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Jeju air, T’way Air, and Turkish Airlines serve the international routes to and from Ulaanbaatar. For detailed information on international and domestic flights, please visit the homepages of respective airlines. 


Most land visitors to Mongolia arrive on the Trans-Siberian railway. Due to COVID-19 impact the international rail service has been shut down and will reopen between Irkutsk, Russia and Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on April 29, 2022. Train service to People’s Republic of China is subject to border re-opening between the two countries, still indefinite until today. Domestic train services are available between Altanbulag – Ulaanbaatar and Ulaanbaatar – Sainshand.

For further up-to-date information on train schedule and passenger services, please visit www.ubtz.mn (Mongolian Railway).

What to bring

The extra-continental climate of the country is felt not only throughout the geographic regions but in the difference between the day and night temperatures. Therefore, it is advisable to bring hiking/trekking boots, warm wind and waterproof jackets, gloves and hats, mosquito repellents, sunblock, and sleeping bags especially if you are planning to travel to the countryside. Nights tend to be cooler starting mid-July and more so in the western part of Mongolia.


Traditional Mongolian and European medical treatments with modern medical facilities and services are available in major cities. Although tourism service providers will provide first-aid kits facilities and it is advisable to bring one’s own specific medications. Medical insurance from your country of residence would be useful. 

Due to COVID-29 pandemic that has exacerbated the economic situation like elsewhere in the world, the US Dollars based economy exchange rate has risen with 1 USD = ₮ 3,047.2 Tugrugs /as of 18/04/2022, Mongolbank official rate). With regards to payment, online payment solutions and all major credit cards (Master, Visa, American Express, and JCB) are accepted. Carrying some cash in local Tugrugs is advisable.

The standard voltage is 220 volts/50Hz. Sockets require a two-pin type plugs. For sensitive electronic equipment such as camcorder battery chargers and laptop computers, it's best to bring a 220 VAC surge suppressor and a car battery charger for the countryside. Electricity in three major cities of Ulaanbaatar, Darkhan and Erdenet and eight aimags of Selenge, Bulgan, Orkhon, Darkhan-Uul, Tov, Ovorkhangai, Arkhangai and Dornogobi aimags is generated by Central Energy System (CES). Electricity outside of the CES in remaining eleven aimags is supplied by diesel powered generators while in Choibalsan city (eastern part of Mongolia) by coal-burning electricity generating station.

The IANA counts three time zones for Mongolia that are Western Mongolia (Bayan-Olgii, Hovd and Uvs aimaks) GMT +7, Ulaanbaatar is GMT + 8, and Choibalsan GMT + 8 hours. The daylight savings time is no longer in use.

In 2020, just over 62.5 percent of the population in Mongolia had access to the internet. There are five cell phone provider companies in Mongolia including MobiCom, Skytel, G-mobile, Unitel, and ONDO with varying coverage and plans. Hotels provide Internet access and international land lines in additions to Internet cafes dispursed throughout the country. The country code for Mongolia is 976 and the area code for Ulaanbaatar is 11.

A visa to Mongolia can be obtained from Mongolian Embassies or Consulates in your respective as well as neighboring countries. A valid international passport, a letter of invitation from your corresponding party, and two photos are required to obtain a Mongolian visa. The Government of Mongolia started issuing e-visa to citizens of 36 countries for purposes of increasing tourist arrivals to the country.  Citizens of the eligible countries can apply for 3 categories of e-visa through https://www.evisa.mn/.

As of October 2021, foreign nationals of 25 countries are provided with visa-free entry to Mongolia. For more information, please visit www.consul.mn.


Since Mongolia opened its borders to international tourism she has been known as a safe country. The tourism season starts from early May to middle of October.

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