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Blue Lake (Khar Zurkhnii Khuh Nuur )

In 1189, Genghis became the emperor of the whole of Mongolia in this place. Thus, the round-shaped ger base-like stones with nearly fifteen meters of diameter on the southern side of the Khukh Lake of Khar zurkh is hypothesized to be the base of a palace that could have been built for Genghis Khan when he acceded to the throne. There is a sentence in the 122nd chapter of “The Secret History of Mongolia”: “Temuujin and his followers moved from there to Khukh nuur lake of Khar Zurkh in Sengur Gorkhi Stream inside Khurelkh.”, the lake mentioned here is one big and one small connected lakes that flow through the southern slope of Khar Zurkh mountain. It is located in the north of the center of Tsenkhermandal soum and they are divided at the beginning of Tsenkher River’s basin by a forested hill and flow 4 km away from each other.

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