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Gobi desert


Gobi is one of the largest deserts in the world. The surface covered with little sand and thin layers of rock and stones differentiates it from the others. The incredible richness of tones and colors of the Gobi landscape at sunrise and sunset is an unforgettable experience. Herds of gazelle roam freely with wild camels and rare species of Mazaalai, the Gobi bear and snow leopard can be found in the mountainous terrains. The prime attraction of the area is the rich deposit of dinosaur fossils. Complete skeletons and batches of fossilized eggs (from nesting grounds) are frequently discovered.  The vast expanse of the Gobi plains, intact in its original state to this day, mesmerize the travelers with flaming sunrises and sunsets, wilderness and wildlife, and sense of peace and serenity almost out of this world.

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